Buckeye Hereford Association

Buckeye Hereford Bull Grant to be Awarded
at the 81st Annual BHA Spring Show & Sale

     For the second year the Buckeye Hereford Association will be awarding bull grants to qualified cattlemen.  These grants are to be used toward the purchase of Hereford bulls at the 81st Annual Buckeye Hereford Spring Sale.  If you are not a Hereford breeder but are interested in maximizing heterosis and profit in your herd this program is for you!! 
    In 2021 Buckeye Hereford members Bill and Bobbi Dunn of Dunn Herefords donated a heifer that was sold in the Buckeye Hereford Spring Show & Sale at the Ohio Beef Expo. The proceeds from that heifer were set aside to be used to promote Herefords on crossbred cattle. In 2022 Bill Dunn and the Buckeye Board decided to start awarding bull grants to breeders looking to use Hereford bulls purchased through the Buckeye Spring Sale.  This year the first $1,000 grant was awarded at the 80th Buckeye Hereford Spring Sale at the Ohio Beef Expo.  Victoria Leonard, Double M Hilltop Farm of Steubenville was awarded the grant. She used the grant to purchase LCR 1906 Suzys Kid 2108 from Grandview Herefords of Springfield, Ohio.
     Purchasing and using a Hereford bull would also enable you to begin producing calves that would be qualified to sell in Hereford Feeder calf sales where white faced calves receive a substantial premium over sale barn prices.  Application form can be accessed through the QR code here or found on the Buckeye Hereford Facebook page.  Applications must be received by January 1, 2024.

     Questions or concerns regarding this program please contact Bill Dunn (814) 724-9343.

2024 Buckeye Hereford News

Congratulations to Karen & Lynn Holley, Holley Cattle for being awarded the 2024 Buckeye Hereford Hall of Merit.  Read More about the Holleys and other Hereford news in the February/ March  issue of the Buckeye Hereford Trends.

The 81st Annual Buckeye Hereford Spring Show & Sale was held March 15th & 16th and the Ohio Beef Expo in Columbus Ohio.  Follow the Expo tab under Shows & Sales to see the results from this years show & sale.  A nice article was also written this year and published in the Farm & Dairy newspaper.

In other news the Buckeye will be publishing the bianual membership directory  If you are interested in advertising in the directory please contact Lisa ASAP.  Premium spots are still available.  The directory is the best advertising money you will ever spend!