Buckeye Hereford Association

Go to Dashboard > Open User Map

Add a New Location (button on top)

Add title < necessary

Set the market on the map in whatever way works best for you

Add subtitle if wanted

Upload image if wanted (these appear on the map market popup that you get when you click on it – that can get crowded on small screens, so experiment)

Copy the information you want about that member marker into the Description box (I was just copying it off the front end of the website after making the member listing, for example:

copy this  ^^^^ into the Description

Then publish it
All ya gotta do 🙂
You only have to do it once per member.  If they are no longer members, just unpublish it and keep it as a draft in case you have to renew it.
 One advantage of doing it this way, is that people’s map market popup data window can be customized differently than what’s in their membership listing.  So if they want to change the layout from what is displayed on the Members List page, or emphasize certain elements, that can be doen.  It’s also possible to have multiple map markers for each member/farm without altering or adding to the member listings. 🙂
The editor for the popup market data is pretty versatile, if different, it relies on some knowledge of HTML website layout language tags.  b = bold, i = italic, link = link, img = image url, etc. Paid versions of this sort of thing can use the same editor used for posts.
Advantages and disadvantages.  Somewhat more work, more learning cuve, but free, and allows for customizing.